Nicki is still a virgin according to Urban daily.She says I nevergave up my box, I put that on my life.
Nicki Minaj has carved aniche for herself as being the rap game and really come far. According to her, she is yet to pop her cherry. Nicki Minaj says this on being a virgin. and I encourage all my youngBarbies to do the same. Ijust dont have time.

Can you ever believe Such??

  • Date: Sep 18, 2012

Do not judge by appearance but I do not believe somehow sha

  • Date: Dec 09, 2012

i no believe o cus nickie na my best fan so i know shes bad o, maybe sha

  • Date: Sep 12, 2014

It may true cuz dia is a saying (the first will be the last nd last will be first)so don't gorge any.

  • Date: Mar 20

Hmmmm i no jus believe