Send free credit naw

A lady sent me N500 airtime & she shared a testimony d following day, another sent me N1000 airtime and a man proposed 2 her dat week. Just last week, a man sent me N1,500 airtime [Read more....]

Akpos Joke: Mayweather versus Pacquiao

The following conversation ensued between Akpos and Emeka: Emeka: Are you ready for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight? Akpos: Yes Emeka: I hear the fight tickets are going for as as high as £96,000. Akpos: What a shame. Even David versus Goliath was... [Read more....]

Name of Churches in Warri

If u see d name of churches in Warri, Ha! My broda even Satan sef go fear fear. Make I yarn una: u go see somtin like... 1. Nak ur pako 4 Satan head Ministrial Church of Fire. 2. S [Read more....]

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