Most times, We forget our 2go Password due to the way it was Structured... Retriving your 2go Password cost N30 but now you can Retrieve it for Free using the new Forget password Feature on their Official website, Its Free and a Faster way of getting back your Lost Password.


1. Visit 2go.com.ng on your Pc or Phone >> Select Kenya as your Country on the Country List >> Then Select English as your Language.

2. Click on the " Get Help " Link >> Then Click on the " I forget my Password/PIN " option.

3. You will be asked to Provide your Mobile Phone Number , Enter it in an International Format e.g if your Phone no is 08023456789 , You will have to enter it like this 2348023456789 , Then click on the Proceed Button.
4. You will receive an SMS on your Phone within 10secs containing your 2go Username & Password.

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  • Date: Sep 26, 2012

plz i ave lost my sim card hw can i get d password bak

  • Date: Sep 26, 2012

Pls i cant login 2go pls i nid help dis is my username oyibo255

  • Date: Sep 26, 2012

@Bankky if u kind retrive dat sim again 4low d step below if u cant then reopen another 2go a.c
@Godtime wat type of phone are u usin inbox me 2 received solution on hw 2 go abt it.

  • Date: Sep 27, 2012

dnt do it it nt workin they are goin to block ur 2go account.

  • Date: Feb 07, 2014

Pls am curiously in need of my 2go account..... My username kelechi3579 my password 2300.. I've lost my sim oh pls help me out. Tnkz in advance

  • Date: Apr 07, 2014

hey i have tried doing that but since i am not receiving any password to my number my number is still active..wth..please resolve my issue i really need my account back!!! you can reply to me by sending email to my provided email thanks alot!!

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